In addition to my work as a scholar and teacher, I enjoy collaborating with others to advance and support Slavic Studies. In Fall 2017, for example, I organized a teach-in at Swarthmore College held on the centennial of the October Revolution. I have also served as the chair for the Wisconsin Slavic Conference and am currently Member News Coumn Editor of the AATSEEL Newsletter.

Afterlives of Revolution: Russia Today in Context

There has never been a more crucial time to understand Russia. On the occasion of the October Revolution’s centennial, we invite the Swarthmore community to a teach-in devoted to Russia, “a riddle wrapped in an enigma.” Why do 1917 and its lasting effects matter, and what role does Russia play in today’s world? Join us for a wide-ranging discussion on these questions and more. This special panel will address a range of topics: history, music, gender studies, women’s rights, contemporary literature, politics, and art. 

Featuring Emily Frey (Russian, Swarthmore), Kristen Ghodsee (Russian, UPenn), Kevin Platt (Russian, UPenn), José Vergara (Russian, Swarthmore), and Robert Weinberg (History, Swarthmore).