The following videos were produced by my students as part of oral exam assignments in various Russian classes. Use the tabs on the sides or the carousel on the bottom to scroll through the videos, and be sure to watch in HD (when possible).

As part of an effort to understand the collection of texts that makes up Russia’s long tradition of prison narratives, students in Swarthmore College's Russian 037: Narratives of Incarceration and Captivity designed this StoryMap. With the exception of some editorial revisions, all commentary on this map was been produced by students in RUSS037 (Spring 2019). They were tasked with selecting one text from the syllabus and one to be read on their own.

You can scroll right/left to view each work and up/down to read about them. Click on the map on each slide to zoom in.

This podcast (below) was produced as a final project by a student in RUSS037: Crime or Punishment: Narratives of Incarceration and Captivity. It features an interview she conducted with her grandfather about his family’s experiences with Soviet prisons, as well as his work with Voice of America. The collection of found poetry (right) “incorporate[s] a number of the various texts” from the same class in a creative fashion. As the student-author puts it, “The form also works well for Russian literature specifically; as we have discussed in class, the tradition of Russian prison literature is strong, as authors draw on the techniques and structures of those before them. In the gulags, too, poems and entire novels were memorized and recited while in prison. Using these texts as the basis of my project seemed to be an appropriate way of taking the idea of literary tradition one step further.” While hovering over the image, use the various buttons to zoom in or out and to open the PDF in a separate window.